Steel Frame Building, Rudyard

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    January – March 2017

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Despite the size of the project we worked hard to get the steel frame building and ground works complete in 3 months. Our client wanted to start using the facility at the start of the Railway season so work was finished by the beginning of March.

This was a satisfying project to be involved with. We had already done some work for this client the year before when we installed a customer toilet unit on site.

We began by taking down the old shed and storage units and removing them from site. This was an exciting upgrade for the client from old storage units to a new steel frame building and we wanted to make sure that the end product was just what they were after.

Due to the landscape of the site a retaining wall needed to be installed, the majority of the retainer was constructed using concrete panels and steel girders and there is some block work to merge the new retainer with the old. Once the site was cleared and leveled we began marking out and digging the footing for the new steel framed  building. The retaining wall formed part of the support for the shuttering when it came to pouring the concrete into the footing. Pouring concrete on this scale requires a fairly uninterrupted pour so that the concrete is not given chance to start setting before all of that section has been poured. Pouring large sections of a building helps give a much better finish, all being level and without joins. Thank goodness for the motorised tamp!!! It does a great job of resting on the top of the concrete and vibrating to settle the wet concrete mixture down to a consistent level.

It’s important, on any job to have considered the drainage requirements of the site and the build and make sure these requirements are addressed before the concrete is poured.

For lots of reasons it’s important to keep a site as tidy as possible. On this project our materials were delivered and stored on site, which is next to a very busy walking route so it was especially important that the site was clear from litter, debris, plant machinery and tools were removed each night to leave the site tidy, organised and safe.

The winter weather didn’t hold us back and it wasn’t long before we had the steel frame of the building up.

At that point our electrician and plumber could come and install the utilities to make this shed a fully functional place to work and play.