Stone Driveway Extension, Cheddleton

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  • Construction Date

    May 2018

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This was a small project, where the client asked us to install a stone driveway extension. The brief was to increase the parking area to make space for an additional vehicle, which had already been purchased so time was of the essence. The area had previously been garden space and so the first step was to dig out the shrubs and trees to make space for the extra parking space in the form of the stone driveway extension.  

The boundary of this job was pretty much straight onto a busy main road so all plant machinery and materials were contained within the small boundary area of the property. This wasn’t a problem and the job went well. All underground drains and cables were detected before any digging commenced. The area was dugout to a depth of around 500mm and all spoil was carted off site straight away. We used hard core material, (Macadam stone) to stone up the area, compacting the stone down as we went to leave a level surface.  

To maximise the space available a stone wall was taken down from the old garden area. The stone was stored on site and once the parking area had been stoned up a new dry stone, retaining wall was instated using the stone from the old wall.  

We undertook the work while the client was on holiday to limit any disruption to them. 

By stoning up the extension of the driveway the client now has a usable space whilst they consider and decide upon which finish they would like i.e. tarmac / cobbles / flags.  

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